Who we are

Diving fanatics, Jetski Fans, Nature Freaks, Half fish and much more!

We are Robin and Martijn from JetskiDiving.com! Because we always want to dive at the most unique and exclusive locations we started Jetski Diving Bonaire. With our Jetski we sail to the most unique and exclusive dive sites of Bonaire to make unforgettable dives. We do this for our clients, but of course also for ourselves!

We have much experience and knowledge about the island Bonaire. This enables us to give advice and tips to the needs of the customer. Want to see turtles, rays or rather lionfish hunting? We know the places with the greatest chance of success. Because of the flexibility of the Jetski we can get almost everywhere.

Diving on Bonaire is fantastic! With our experience of the finest and most unique diving spots every dive will be beautiful but also an unforgettable experience.


Why JetskiDiving

  • 100% personal

    A unique diving experience with 100% personal guidance. No waiting for the group, no concessions but your wish is our task. With the flexibility of the Jetski almost every dive site will be a option!

  • Your Schedule

    Your schedule is our schedule. We are not tied to set times and we are able to dive any time of the day.

  • Your location

    We do not operate from a fixed location. We will pick you up and take you home. Therefore, no more searching for a diveschool location or lugging tanks. We arrange everything!

  • Love diving

    Every day is a new experience for us. We do not dive for the money but for our passion. This is what we like to share which differentiates us from the many dive schools. We have a common goal: a unforgettable dive.

We Are