A unique experience, personal attention and driving on a Jetski to the best diving spots of Bonaire. Thats diving with Jetski Diving Bonaire. No large groups, personal dive guide and diving at the most unique and exclusive locations of Bonaire! Our only goal is to give our customers an unforgettable dive experience on Bonaire. No mass, no concessions, no waiting for others but only you.

Because of our personalized service you will see the most beautiful underwater world of Bonaire, a unique experience! We bring you with the fast Yamaha Jetski to the finest and most exclusive dive sites and you will dive with your personal dive guide. With Jetski Diving Bonaire you will have a unique and unforgettable diving experience.



  • Jetski Diving (Unique!)

    Because of the Jetski we can visit almost every dive site of Bonaire. Driving with the Jetski and diving from the Jetski is a unique experience. No groups, no concessions but you and your personal dive guide.

  • Unique diving spots

    Through our years of experience we know to find the best diving spots on Bonaire where guests will not soon end up. With the flexibility of the Jetski we can get almost anywhere. Diving in Bonaire will become a unique experience!

  • Diving as passion

    Driven by pure pleasure, no mass. We dive every day to be surprised again and again by the wonderful underwater world of Bonaire. So we have a shared goal and do not think in terms of time and money. Pleasure and a unique experience is our goal every day.

  • Personal Guide

    We dive with just you or your self-composed group. No waiting, no concessions but your wishes are with us in the first place. Diving on Bonaire has never been so luxury!

Our activities


Jetski Diving Bonaire
JetskiDiving.com according to your wishes to gain a unique diving experiences. Diving in Bonaire is always a fantastic experience but with our knowledge of all the dive sites and the flexibility of driving on the Jetski we can show you the best and most unique dive sites of Bonaire.

Snorkeling Bonaire

Jetski Snorkeling
JetskiDiving.com provides for non-divers a wonderful snorkeling tour off the coasts of Bonaire. We know where to find the finest and most unique places for snorkeling and which one are the most suitable. With the Jetski we will drive to the most beautiful places for a unique snorkeling experience.

Lionfish hunt Bonaire

Lionfish Experience
The Lionfish does not belong on Bonaire. The story behind the Lionfish and why they are hunted is explained during the Lionfish Experience (including self shooting). With the Jetski we drive to places where the Lionfish is rarely hunted (greater chance of a good catch).

Unique experience!
Diving on bonaire

Discover the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire. Diving on Bonaire is a unique experience. Magnificent turtles, rays, parrot fish and thousands of other species of fish are found on the beautiful coral reefs of Bonaire. For years, Bonaire is in the top three of most beautiful dive places in the world. We know why!

Jetski Diving Bonaire makes your diving experience even more unique by our knowledge of the island of Bonaire and we know to find the most unique diving spots. With the Jetski we can reach difficult places and we can make diving in Bonaire besides a unique also an experience never to forget!

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