Lionfish Bonaire

Lionfish Hunting at Bonaire

The lionfish has no place in Bonaire. During the Lionfish experience we will teach you everything about the lionfish and the way we keep the population of the Lionfish under control. The local nature organization (Stinapa) has very strict rules about lionfish hunting on Bonaire. This is intended to protect the beautiful reefs around Bonaire.

During the Lionfish Experience you practice shooting with an ELF (local spear) in a plastic bottle or tube. Once this succeeds well go along with a dive instructor and bring your experience into practice by shooting real Lionfish. With the Jetski we can reach places rarely hunted. This gives you a very high chance of a good catch! The Lionfish Experience with Jetski Diving Bonaire is an experience never to forget!

Note: The Lionfish experience requires perfect buoyancy. The Lionfish Experience can therefore only be done by experienced divers.